Hear from Our Star Achievers: Real Success Stories

Explore success stories from students who’ve excelled in the PTE with Star PTE’s guidance. Be inspired by their achievements and start your journey to PTE excellence with us.

Bikash Bhandari

PTE Score: 80

I would like to express my utmost gratitude to respected Sangam sir for his guidance during one-week crash course. Because of his amazing guidance, I was able to achieve a good score (on my first attempt) in such a short time and would like to suggest students preparing for their PTE test to take his class. I would strongly recommend his classes if you also want to get your desired score.

Sumit Rokaya

PTE Score: 70

I am very grateful to Sangam sir for his exceptional crash course classes, which helped me in achieving an impressive overall score of 70 on my first attempt. His meticulous guidance and comprehensive approach ensured my understanding of every section of the test. I wholeheartedly endorse his teaching style, assuring you of a rewarding learning experience.

Sushil Adhikari

PTE Score: 79

I’m very thankful to Sangam sir, who provided me with tricks & techniques of PTE exam and helped me acquire my desired score. I took 1 Week Crash Course with him. He was very helpful & answered all my queries without hesitation & was in touch with me till exam day. I’d greatly recommend his classes if you wish to get the score that you are expecting.

Prajwal Chirague Niroula

PTE Score: 80

I express my sincere gratitude to Sangam Sir for his invaluable guidance & effective teaching during my one-month PTE course. Thanks to his insightful tips and great templates, I achieved an impressive overall score of 80 (90 in Speaking) in my very first attempt. I highly recommend his classes for anyone aiming to succeed in the PTE. Thank you for your exceptional support.

Umesh Thapa

PTE Score: 70

I had initially aimed to obtain at least 60+ each band in my PTE test. Then, I got a chance to connect with Sangam sir through his TikTok videos, and decided to take ‘1 Week Crash Course’ due to my limited time. And, under his guidance and motivation, I was able to gain rapid momentum of doing better just within a week, and scored an overall score of 70 with each band 65+. I’m very grateful towards him for my desired score, and genuinely recommend him to those looking for the best and a very friendly PTE tutor.

Kusum Magar

PTE Score: 66

I am incredibly grateful for Sangam sir’s guidance and support throughout my PTE preparation journey. With his expert assistance, I was able to achieve an overall score of 66 in PTE, with 60+ in each section. This was the score that I had desired. Sangam sir’s dedication and effective teaching methods truly made all the difference. I highly recommend his classes to anyone striving for success in their PTE test.

Manoj Kumar Singh

PTE Score: 70

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Sangam sir for guiding me in my PTE journey. I truly appreciate and value everything I have learned from him. His way of guiding students towards their desired PTE score is very reliable and easy, and it will remain forever as a major contributor behind my achievement. I highly recommend his classes to everyone who wants to achieve their desired score in the easiest way. Thank you sir for everything!