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How can I register for a class?

After you decide which course you would like to move forward with, you can get in touch with us through WhatsApp (+977 9822394869) or Instagram to book and register for the class. Please check out our ‘Courses’ page to learn more about the courses.

Where can I join the class from?

You can join our classes from anywhere in the world. Literally anywhere. Most of our students are from Nepal and Australia, but it’s not limited to only these two countries. We have taught students (of Nepali background) from around the world.

What are the class fees?

We offer one of the most affordable classes of all, with exceptional guidance and instructions. We charge Rs. 1200 for our 1 Week Crash Course and Rs. 4000 for our 4 Weeks Full Course. We haven’t found any classes from a 90/90 instructor that is cheaper than ours. Cheaper doesn’t mean ‘kaam chalau’ here at […]

How are the classes conducted?

Our classes are conducted online through ‘Google Meet’. Students will be provided with class details and link after they have registered for the class.

Do you offer physical classes?

We do not have any physical or face to face classes. We ensure that our students get great guidance and instruction, ample time to ask questions and clarify their confusions, and classes that aren’t just as effective as physical classes, but actually better.